With a patent pending for recycled skate decks, the material and method, Pop Master Innovations is on the cusp of creating an eco-conscious wood manufacturing outlet with “Recycled Wood Fiber Veneer Substrate”.

Skateboard Decks are known to be an extremely durable substrate using high quality hard maple. By duplicating and surpassing the durability, Pop Master Innovations will prove “Recycled Wood Fiber Veneer Substrate” and “Recycled Wood Fiber Substrate” is a far more effective method in the use of wood. The “Recycled Wood Fiber Veneer Substrate’s” unique formula can be made from a variety of wood products and bi-products. The method includes the use of recycled materials from wood chips, wood fiber, saw dust, and used skateboard decks, that can all be simultane- ously ground, to create this new cutting edge product with no waste.

The launch of Pop Master Innovation’s latest material will begin with the goal of diminishing the waste of current skate- board manufacturing processes and the creation of 100% recycled skateboard decks. Pop Master Innovations will also move forward to produce “Recycled Wood Fiber Substrate” for industries such as construction, furniture and cabinetry, helping to eliminate the extensive waste created by other hard wood products.

The process will prove that a recycled substrate can be as strong as a construction grade material. There are countless advantages in all facets of the woodworking industry including water and fire proofing capabilities along with sustainability.

Pop Master Innovations is ready to introduce a process to create a 100% recycled material with zero waste and maxi- mum efficiency.


There are an abundance of resources that are currently going to waste. These materials are available to continuously recycle using our manufacturing process.

  • Pmi Deforestation


  • Pmi Woodchipper


  • Pmi Woodwaste


  • Pmi Woodcrates



Recycled Wood Fiber Veneer Substrate:

National Casein SB-4465 or SB-8465 adhesive.
K-10 catalyst (optional) without this ingredient material is biodegradable
Recycled hard rock maple wood fibers
Various Options for Recycled Wood Fiber:
-Used high quality skateboard decks
-Fall off of species from the mill
-Cut Off and branches left behind from deforestation
Benefits Of Making Skateboard Decks Out Of Recycled Wood Fiber Veneer Substrate:
Uses the wood to it fullest potential
Emits zero V.O.C.’s in manufacturing
No need for lacquer, edges are self-sealed
Has the potential for different levels of water resistance
Making an extremely sound & environmentally friendly product
Good for the environment and the elimination of wood waste

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